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About Us

Britain’s Best Breaks is an information site that has been around for ten years, we are dedicated to promoting UK tourism to the public and industry, both to UK residents and those abroad. Amazingly, almost every holiday listing portal is property orientated which is why we’re encouraging the marketing of location as the key selling point of your business, and promoting locations that may not immediately spring to mind as holiday destinations. 

We began life as a media company, making UK based travel programmes for the sky digital platform, to date the programmes are still broadcast . The website was not our original selling point, but as digital marketing exploded in the last decade it is now our primary focus. Although we are not a booking site, the website lists your business including an optional ‘Book Now’ feature taking customers directly to your booking page, we charge no commission and you keep 100% of the booking fee. 

We're always interested in new destinations, your ideas are always welcome,  we’d love to know where you think the best places are to stay, eat and whats fun to do in your area. 

If this all sounds good to you, please get in touch

Beverley Diamond