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Where the invigorating ocean ozone meets the glorious rolling landscape of England's South West just has to be the perfect destination in Britain to get away from the spiralling pressures of everyday life.

They used to say about a good, well-run ship in the days of sail that it was 'ship shape and Bristol fashion', and you'll find that Bristol is as fashionable as a British city can be. It has entertainment, culture, art and music, plus some of the most exciting heritage sites in the United Kingdom.

In addition to this cosmopolitan port's bustling lifestyle, just up the road you'll find yourself in the Georgian splendour of Bath. Bath not only looks and feels like a film set - it really is a movie star, and featured recently as the location for Pride and Prejudice. Here you're in Jane Austen country; all magnificent sandstone Palladian buildings which glow like matte gold in the sun.

There's the lure of Roman history in Bath, too, where the natural hot springs have been filling the Roman Baths there for 2,000 years. Bristol and Bath is an area with everything you need for a fulfilling break. Great hotels of every size, warm and welcoming guest houses and bed and breakfasts are to be found throughout the area, and there's some terrific self-catering accommodation on offer.

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