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Northern Ireland is now officially considered to be Europe's safest, friendliest place to take a break. One thing's for sure - the exuberant welcome you'll get will draw you into an atmosphere that encompasses everything a great holiday is about.

Green countryside, peaceful winding roads with thorn hedges, superb hotels, cosy old pubs and traditional music, a breathtaking coastline and a landscape of mountains which makes the country feel twice as big as it really is.

Of course, there's that big city buzz in Belfast, as exciting a metropolis as you'll find anywhere in the world. Yet most of all it's the people themselves who make your break so memorable. Irish hospitality is amongst Europe's finest.

The great thing about a break in Ulster or in the city of Belfast itself is that with Northern Ireland being so compact, you can visit most of the famous sites and attractions on easy day trips.

Without doubt, a break in Belfast or Ulster will provide a memory to treasure.

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