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Brighton & Hove

Welcome to Brighton and Hove, playground of the 21st century, a place where having a good time is a way of life, where decadence stretches back to the days of the decadent Prince Regent.

These days, it's the City of Brighton and Hove. How grand, how grown up, how typically Brighton to give itself a double barrelled name and parade its gold chain to the world, before nicking behind the bike shed to strip down to its latex bikini once the sun has gone down.

Brighton is famous for its antiques and the North Laine is second only to Tunbridge Wells in the area for a good bargain.

But Brighton is also deeply contemporary and has learnt how to decorate with a little help from the gay community; it probably has a higher rate of Brabantia bins per capita than anywhere else in the South East - which means that it's a dream if you can't sleep for fantasising about interiors. If the rise in house prices mean that you can't buy a roof in Brighton any more, at least you can still afford the retro wallpaper.

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