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Coventry & Warwickshire

Right at England's heart you'll find the bustling city of Coventry, where the city centre's development probably represents progress more than many other UK cities. Even the canal which runs through the city is a work of modern art, and a casual stroll through Millennium Place feels like a walk into the future.

Coventry's past rubs shoulders comfortably with it's shiny present. The legend of Lady Godiva, the poignant preserved relic of Coventry's mighty Cathedral, destroyed by the Luftwaffe, stands alongside the defiant new edifice with pride. Coventry is also a fine place to shop, with a brilliant market place and shopping centres.

The green and pleasant county of Warwickshire possesses all the attractions, history and heritage you could ask for to enjoy a relaxing break. Warwickshire, with it's castles and cathedrals is, after all, Shakespeare County, and in literary and cultural terms Stratford-Upon-Avon could be considered the hub of Britain's dramatic and poetic past, present and future.

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