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English Riviera

The English Riviera - even those three words have a touch of magic about them.

It's always been a popular option, but today, taking a holiday break in the UK has become an even more attractive prospect as we begin to re-discover the immense beauty of the British Isles and re-kindle our fascination with our own rich heritage.

Whatever the continent has to offer, you'll find it in abundance here on our own superb stretch of British coastline, where the weather is usually fine and the facilities are perfect.

Torquay, with it's swaying palm trees, the famous backdrop of the seven hills, elegant Victorian terraces and pristine white villas, all beautifully complemented by exquisite gardens, is a breathtaking example of what the UK has to offer.

Britain easily has as many gems to attract the holidaymaker as any tourist destination on the globe. Here we can celebrate our culture - with a full English breakfast - and relax at the same time. As you will discover, there's much more to Britain than we think.

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