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Few places typify the ageless beauty of England more than the leafy heart of Kent.

If Britain had a Garden of Eden, this would be it. Where else would you find fields of hops next to vineyards producing wines to challenge the slopes of Bordeaux?

Kent offers us a landscape of myth and memory. It has towns with picture postcard beauty, pristine Georgian splendours such as Tunbridge Wells, atmospheric chapters from Britain's heritage in castles steeped in turbulent history at Tonbridge and Hever. You'll find all the tranquil, leafy lanes you need to enjoy an unforgettable opportunity to put the 9 to 5 behind you, each one leading to a new and enticing destination

Hospitality, good food, great beer, and enough captivating visitor attractions to keep you occupied through several breaks. There are museums to take you back down the centuries, cosy, timbered pubs where the ghosts of the past add their charm to the present. If you're looking for that essential blend of peace, beauty and a touch of excitement, Kent is where you'll find it.

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