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Jersey has something for everyone. From golden beaches to intimate, sheltered bays to rolling countryside with pleasant walks, peaceful lanes to cycle along and beautiful golf courses.

There’s also something exotic about this island, far south of England’s coast. With it’s Anglo-French heritage and the coast of France just 14 miles away, there’s a decidedly Continental ambience to it’s hotels and restaurants. Yet Jersey is not a member of the EC.

Although a part of Britain, Jersey bears many characteristics which set it apart from the mainland. The States of Jersey are independent and still operate under Norman law, with 12 parishes with their own individual local government, police force and distinct community feel. This all makes Jersey, with it’s mild climate, one of the safest and most peaceful destinations for a break.

Jersey’s beaches are among the cleanest and most picturesque in Europe. There are lots of attractions, from the Zoo to parks and museums. Eating out on Jersey is also a sheer delight, where the reputation for fresh seafood is among the best there is. A break in Jersey will always provide a treasured memory.

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