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Newcastle & Gateshead

They used to call it 'the coaly Tyne' but these days Tyneside has to be at the top of the list for any leisure time break in Northern England. The much-vaunted 'Geordie welcome' is no myth - the people here are warm, open-hearted, generous and in possession of a sense of humour any comedian would die for. What this region possesses above all is a unique sense of identity, the warm effect of which remains with the visitor forever.

Since the erection of Antony Gormley's breathtaking Angel of The North the approach to Newcastle and Gateshead on the A1 has provided a daily thrill for millions of visitors. Behind the concept of the Angel lies a readily-fulfilled promise of two sister cities overflowing with attractions, from a rich historical heritage through to a buzzing night life unequalled anywhere else in Britain.

21st century Newcastle and Gateshead offers everything one could desire for a genuinely memorable break. A terrific selection of hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation, the best pubs in Britain (with the best beer - Newcastle Brown Ale is a must), highly-rated restaurants, theatres and clubs, and the adventurous art of the Baltic Centre

And there's only one answer to that question - will you come back again? As the Geordies say - "Way Aye, Man!".

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