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The green and pleasant county of Staffordshire, an area brim full of superb attractions, great hotels, restaurants, and intriguing towns with colourful histories, surrounds the hub of Britain's true creative heritage. The conurbation which we now know as Stoke-on-Trent, made famous by the novelist Arnold Bennett in his memorable book, Clayhanger as 'The Five Towns', is renowned throughout the world for it's brilliant craftsmanship.

It is not known universally as 'The Potteries' without every good reason - this is a place of industrial pride, and in the 21 st century, the brilliant heritage of Josiah Wedgwood and a hundred other great pottery manufacturers remains for us all to enjoy. This is a cultured, artistic landscape where fine art, great museums and rural beauty attracts visitors in their thousands every year.

The 21st century is alive and kicking with much more than history to offer. There are great hotels, fine pubs, brilliant restaurants and all kinds of modern entertainment to enjoy.

The Potteries is friendly, captivating and inviting, a magical piece of Britain where you'll discover something new around every corner.

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