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Scottish Highlands

Just the name 'The Highlands' conjures up a romantic image which seems imaginary, yet unlike most fantasies, this one is grounded in reality. Scotland's Highlands are the perfect destination in Britain to get away from the spiralling pressures of everyday life. The names roll of the tongue with ease; Fort William, Loch Leven, the Great Glen, The Cairngorms and, of course, the eternal mystery that is Loch Ness.

Discover wide range of amazing Highland wildlife. Explore trails through ancient pine forests, wetlands and country estates. Nature reserves and centres are great places to explore the local landscape and find out more about the wide array of wildlife, birds and deer are only a few of the amazing animals you can see when you stay in the Highlands. Speyside Wildlife is a specialised holiday dedicated to wildlife watching in this beautiful area of Britain.

In addition to some of Britain's most outstanding natural beauty, this region has everything you could ask for when planning a break. Entertainment, culture, art and music, plus some of the most exciting heritage sites in the United Kingdom - it's all here.

The Highlands not only looks and feels like a film set - it really is a movie star. Cinematic epics such as Liam Neeeson's Rob Roy or Mel Gibson's Braveheart have been enough to remind thousands of eager visitors from around the world of just how enthralling this part of Scotland is.

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